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22/04/2017 ,
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Bright colours Paint Pots

I’ve waited nearly an entire month to sit down and write this post simply because I’m nervous about not doing the day justice or getting across the wonderful words it deserves. If you follow my social media accounts you will know (because it’s already been plastered ALL over them, ahem) that I went along to Annie Sloan’s HQ at the end of March.

When the invite dropped into my inbox I actually had to check that it was in fact the real deal. I have loved Annie’s paints and waxes for a long time so getting invited to Oxford for a Blogger workshop was so surreal.

My day started early with a good book (which wasn’t all that good) on a 7am train journey down South. When I arrived, my nerves were through the roof and the mind blank of social anxiety had started creeping in. I walked into a room full of inspiring women, some of which I have Instagram stalked for a more time than I care to admit and Annie greeted each of us with such warmth. I felt so welcome even if I was a little out of my depth.

You will already know, writing about home DIY’s and interiors is something thats naturally happened over here since we started renovating our house but I was there in a room with actual interior designers and some damn right social media big wigs, lovely big wigs of course I might add.

annie sloan chalk paint and apron

We were shown around Annie’s headquarters and the factory where they mix and make all their own paints, round the offices, the textiles room and even the meeting room which just so happened to be the nicest meeting room I’ve ever seen. Considering it’s based on an industrial estate, you would never know.

Annie talked about her fine art background and the start of the Annie Sloan brand, she told us about some exclusives and the collaboration that will be happening later in the year with Oxfam. This collab really sounds so worthwhile and exciting BUT that’s all I’m allowed to say for now so keep your eye out for that one.

annie sloan paint brushes

colour chart

Annie talked in depth about the colour wheel (or triangle in this case) and complementing colours. With my hairstyling background everything Annie was saying was going against all I know in my hairdressers brain, I’ve spent so many years of my life correcting and cancelling out unwanted tones it was hard to wrap my head around those opposites actually being complimentary in the interiors world. This was actually my favourite part of the day.

After we’d taken on all this new information it was time to paint our paper mache pineapples. I chose the gorgeous shade of Florence, I wanted to paint my entire kitchen in this shade around 5 years ago much to my husbands dismay so I think I am naturally drawn to it. We had a break for lunch where we got to chat to each other and Annie over a delicious M&S spread and even the kitchen was seriously cool.

Paper Mache Pineapple

paper mache pineapple in Florence

blogger at annie sloans pineapples

We gilded our pineapples in the afternoon with the new gilding waxes , I first applied a bit of copper then the bright gold on top and these are SO lovely to use. I’ve since painted a small cabinet in Antoinette and rubbed the edges with the bright gold gilding wax for our dining room. I love how the soft pink with our grey/green walls and loads of greenery looks in there.

Annie Sloan Paint Project

cabinet in antoinette chalk paint

Antoinette and Bright gold wax

I was amazed by the fact that you can dye fabrics using Annie’s paint, I have used the chalk paints and waxes many times before but I never knew you could actually dye fabric. What a revelation!

This is something I know for sure I will be trying out alongside all my other projects. I had an all round amazing day and it’s really cemented the fact that this IS what I feel inspired by and it is was I will continue to write about and love.

Now what colour can I paint my sofa?

Shibori cushions



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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day Aimee. You are always inspiring me I never would have tried guilding if I hadn’t seen you doing it xx. Nanna

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