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22/07/2017 ,
Bright colours Paint Pots

Woah, it has seriously been a while, hasn’t it?

Work life has sort of taken over the last couple of months and writing lots of articles for other businesses lately has meant mine has been put on the back burner BUT, I have lots of new content to share with you and I will be having a blog overhaul soon. Hoorah! Bare with me though as I almost feel like I have forgotten how to write like me.

I was recently challenged by Rustoleum to take them on with an up cycle project. This email of pure joy dropped into my inbox at just the right time.
Some of you may already know I was planning a bedroom makeover. It’s probably the first time I haven’t decorated on a whim and did more or less stick to a colour scheme/theme in a room.

I knew straight away I wanted to revamp an 80’s cane rocker/egg chair and actually spent weeks sourcing out the perfect shape. I did eventually find what I was looking for on eBay of all places and a complete steal too.

I was struggling with the shade of pink I wanted to go for so Ellie kindly sent me out numerous samples to try against the dark inky blue walls I had already chosen. There was a clear winner. I braved it and went for the brightest of all the pinks (no not neon) and the ‘Dusky Pink’ chalk paint was THE ONE.


I knew I wanted to use some gold also and opted for the ‘Metallic Spray Paint’ in Bright Gold. Those two colours together are just the dream and I really really love how it turned out.

The first step was to dismantle this beast and give it a good old clean, then straight onto the spray paint. I sprayed the 3 middle canes on the body of the chair out in my garden. This stuff dried within seconds, didn’t leave any drip marks and actually left a glorious shine to it which I’ve never had from a spray paint before.

Next up was tackling the rest of the mammoth chair and because I just love to make my life as hard as possible, I decided to use the worlds tiniest paint brush. Think kids stationery set and you would be close.


The chalk paint itself was actually super lovely and smooth to apply. It took me a good couple of evenings to apply the two coats I wanted. I wanted the pink to be vibrant but I also didn’t want the colour to look completely flat and skipped out of applying a third coat.

I went with the ‘Matt Furniture Laquer’ to seal the entire chair and it didn’t actually change the colour of the finish at all.


I even taped up these little plant boxes for the wall and added a touch of gold to those also.

Don’t mind me, I’m just going to sit here with a good book and a G&T forever.

I mean, could it really look any prettier?


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