Raising The Steaks With Miller & Carter

04/08/2017 ,

This post may seem a little ironic as I’ve since stopped eating meat and dairy but don’t be disgruntled because here’s an honest review of Sheffield’s newest steakhouse.

I was very generously invited to go along to the new Miller & Carter restaurant that has just recently opened up here in place of the old Toby Carvery. Now let’s start with the decor because that is kinda more my thing…

First things first, there is THE most dreamy gold tone mirrored pillar as you walk into the entrance. It looked so opulent and ridiculously shiny I feel ashamed of my own mirror cleaning abilities. The layout was pretty much the same as the previous restaurant but the renovations certainly didn’t disappoint. All the finer details had been thought out well and were bang up to date with a very slight industrial theme with the lighting.

Other than the amazing gold tinted mirror wall, I really loved the striped fabric of the booth seating at the back of the restaurant which is actually where we sat. It gave the cosy interior that modern feel.


Now, let’s move onto the food, shall we?

We went for the pulled brisket croquettes and the black pearl scallops which were absolutely amazing. The scallops were definitely the one we were fighting over the scraps for, they were cooked to perfection.

I’ve never been a huge meat eater but Jim loves a steak. The waiter helped us choose which ones to go for, for how we liked it cooked and advised me to go for the Rump and Jim to try the T-bone. All steaks are served with your choice of steak sauce, parsley butter, onion loaf which was the ultimate in comfort food and a lettuce wedge with your choice of topping. I don’t even think I touched my chosen sauce because the steak itself was so delicious, it really didn’t need it. As far as all the steaks I have eaten in my time go, this one was by far the tastiest one I have ever had.

pulled-brisket-croquettes scallops-and-potatoes

We also opted for a couple of sides, you know because there already just wasn’t enough food on the table (sarcasm, there was SO much food I could have rolled home.) We went for tender stem broccoli with parmesan and a portion of lobster mac and cheese. Nom!  We couldn’t even face the dessert menu after eating so much.

If you want to try Miller & Carter out for yourself, you can head over to my Instagram  now and enter a competition to win a £50 voucher.




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