Going Vegan…

11/09/2017 ,

Well, it’s been a long old while, hasn’t it?

I’ve made an epic life change since I was last here writing about steak and lobster mac ‘n’ cheese. I have gone Vegan, or a more preferred term, plant based.

Having never really been much of a meat eater anyway I briefly went vegetarian for 8 months last year before failing phenomenally by binge eating 8 sausages over bonfire weekend. It was a fleeting veggie journey, unfortunately, because I simply wasn’t in the correct frame of mind. I craved bacon and saw absolutely no problem with eating a mammoth portion of cheese and crackers on the regular. I didn’t see a change within my body at all.

I was certainly one of those ‘Oh no, I couldn’t go vegan. I love cheese too much’ people. I had lost my passion for cooking and we were eating the same mundane meals week in week out. Boring, samey meals that would usually contain meat, Quorn or eggs in some form.

So, how did I make the decision to go plant based?

First Off – Health!

I was feeling bloated, lethargic and just generally shitty 90% of my time. I was exercising to some extent but couldn’t even muster up the energy to finish an entire workout.

If you are one of my besties (or just follow me on Insta) it will come as no surprise that I have always suffered with my skin and for the last 8months or so I’ve been having some pretty horrific hormonal dips. These became so bad that at times I felt like I was drowning in my own head for days or even weeks at a time. I needed a change.

Secondly – What The Health Documentary 

One of my pals told me to watch this eye-opening documentary after admitting that I had actually been putting it off for quite some time. I needed to feel completely ready for the potential change that may occur in my life after watching it and I am so glad I did.

Here’s what I learned that whole heartedly made my mind up…

  • Breeding animals (particularly cows) for food generates more greenhouse gas emissions than any transportation.
  • MOST people are in fact, lactose/dairy intolerant.
  • Only 5-10% of cancer is actually genetic (true story.) Eating the equivalent of 1 sausage per day raises the likelihood of cancer by 20%.
  • Eating animal products which are FULL of cholesterol and fat clogs the arteries. Clogged arteries lead to heart attacks people.

I’ve since watched more vegan/health food documentaries and it all makes complete sense. We don’t need to eat animals to survive, in fact, they are detrimental to our health.

Who do you think cashes in on this?

Ever noticed the lack of marketing for healthy foods that aren’t animal based?

Now, I’m not saying I will be the perfect Vegan. I have already had two pre-planned occasions where the food has been pre ordered and I may or may not (totally did) have drunkenly inhaled an entire Domino’s pizza at the beginning of my journey. I also own a pair of leather Doc.Martens and a feather down coat that I will still be using. To simply throw these away would be wasteful and disrespectful to the animal that had already provided me with them but I certainly won’t be contributing to that industry anymore.

I have found a new passion for food and cooking. I’ve lost a little bit of the extra weight I was carrying and the amount of energy I now have is unreal. I have finally started to feel comfortable in my own skin for the first time in years. I seriously thought it was a pile of crap when I heard people say that they felt differently spiritually after going vegan but I truly get it now. Almost 2 months in, I haven’t craved it or missed it once. I couldn’t be happier with my decision for this life.

My soul feels light 💚


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