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12/11/2017 ,

Eyeye is a new optician’s located on Devonshire Street in the Steel City, run by Karl and Alison.

When I say that, what I actually mean is the coolest independent opticians around run by the loveliest humans. They believe strongly that there should be no hidden costs and the price that is on the poster is the price you pay.




I was very kindly invited to try out the new store after admitting I hadn’t actually been back to get my eyes tested in *ahem* 5 years. I was gifted the whole experience and let me tell you, it was a thorough one.

Karl listened to all of my concerns, one being the absolute life and death problem of not being able to see when I’m trying to do my winged eyeliner. Yes, really.

I hated my last pair of designer branded glasses so much I would only really wear them around the house and I could probably count on one hand the number of times I had worn them within the last year. I know, it seems ridiculous, I did purchase them in the first place but here’s the thing…

The pressure I felt to buy a pair of glasses as quick as possible in a ‘chain opticians’ was almost unbearable. The hard sell approach makes me feel uncomfortable and I believe you will be told that any pair of specs you put on your face ‘suits you.’




I narrowed it down to two pairs, clear frame or matt tortoiseshell. I went with the tortoiseshell but I’m still tempted to go back and treat myself to the clear frames too.

I’ve never been the designer brand type and support local wherever I can and I really love the ethics behind Eyeye. As well as the vast range of cool specs for adults, they also have an equally cool children’s range. No Gender specific branding here!

Bella is desperate for an eye test, she is currently rocking the 3d specs you get from the cinema just without the lenses. Girl just loves an accessory.

The craft range from Bantom FrameWorks is handcrafted perfection and will only set you back an extra fifty quid for something that is designed to last a lifetime.

Don’t give in to the big wig corporations and support your local independent businesses where ever you can.





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  1. I love these glasses Aimee!! I want them too! I’m not blind enough yet, Mine would only be a really weak prescription!

    Nice post Girl! will take my mum , She is in need of new glasses!

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